Dry Cleaning Services in Itawamba County, MS

Your clothing demands the best care—especially when it’s in danger of being permanently damaged by a stain, spot or other blemishes. At Carl’s Dry Cleaners, we go above and beyond to make sure your clothing is cleaned and cared for appropriately. No matter what your concerns are, bring them to us knowing they’ll be addressed by qualified professionals. We’ve set ourselves apart as dry cleaners in Fulton, MS for more than 65 years!

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Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

  • Dry cleaning is a time-tested, solvent based process used to remove stains from all types of fabrics and materials.
  • It utilizes advanced chemistry to dissolve grease, then lift and remove organic and inorganic stains. We use proven solvents and practiced techniques to properly remove stains from your attire.
  • When we’re done your clothing will look like new again! Red wine, coffee, food stains, makeup and more don’t stand a chance.
  • Starching available upon request.
  • Laundry probably isn’t your favorite chore. When the hamper is full and you’re running out of things to wear, come to us for laundry services in Fulton, MS.
  • We recommend washing services for busy business professionals, on-call healthcare workers with erratic shifts.
  • We offer convenient drop-off laundry services, and as long as you live in Fulton city limits, we’re happy to deliver your clothes to you looking, feeling and smelling fresh.
Dry Cleaning Service Itawamba County, MS

Pressing and Finishing

  • Nothing beats the look of a freshly-pressed shirt or a wrinkle-free blouse. After cleaning, we provide pressing and finishing to round out your dry cleaning experience.
  • We have hand held steamers for delicate details.
Dry Cleaning Service Itawamba County, MS 2

Garment Alterations

  • Buying off-the-rack is hard. If you’ve got a piece of clothing you love, but it doesn’t fit quite right, bring it to us.
  • We can make slight alterations to improve fit.
  • From bringing in slacks to fixing the hemline on a skirt, our goal is to help you feel comfortable and happy in perfectly-fitting clothing.

Free Delivery

With offer free delivery service within Fulton City limits, you won’t ever have to settle for anything less than your best! Stop into Carl’s Dry Cleaners today to learn more about our wet and dry services, or to drop off your clothing for cleaning. Call 662-862-3261 to learn more.